[rtmpdump] HTTP_Read not reading full response before parsing.

KSV faltuvisitor at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 20 08:19:11 CET 2011

Test Cases:
1. rtmpdump -r "rtmpt://fls1g1.services.att-idns.net/av1/_definst_" -a "av1/_definst_" -y "mp4:v5/2327/11219/1cdss3c/entertainment/prod/nextgen/assets/usa/genex/blink182_full_concert.mp4" -o Test.flv
2. rtmpdump -r "rtmpt://ll2.workcast.net:80/vod1/mp4:Game300-LanguageXXX-Rec2_0_20110828151412811_1.mp4" -W "http://c466722.workcast.net/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.5.swf" -p "http://video.homelessworldcup.org/AuditoriumUsher.aspx?pak=6733772765126804&cpak=341 2165343567627" -o "VideoName.mp4"
3. rtmpdump -r "rtmpt://ctv-flv1.content.mediastream.cz/CTv-video" -y "mp4:vypravej/history/139.mp4" -f "WIN 10,3,183,11" -s "http://img8.ceskatelevize.cz/libraries/JWPlayer/player.swf" -W "http://img8.ceskatelevize.cz/libraries/JWPlayer/player.swf" -p "http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10266819072-vypravej/ve-stopach-doby/1975/v-moste-byl-kvuli-dolovani-presunut-dekansky-kostel-nanebevzeti-panny-marie/" -T "5%qp-xvbt+_oi" -o "x.mp4"

i have tidied up my patch further and also edited post headers to match closely with the headers sent
by the original flash client plus one another fix. without patch none of the above three url's work. with this 

new patch video from first url downloads successfully.

in case of last two urls server drops connection (sends FIN) as soon as second handshake packet is sent. it doesn't wait
for any further communications. flash server in both failing cases is FlashCom 3.5.4. assuming it's not new rtmp handshake
(which seems to be the case because we have now other url's to test) the only thing that remain to be tested is sending the 

second handshake and connect command in single packet because it's the only difference i can notice between flash client 
and rtmpdump.

new patch is attached herewith.
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