[rtmpdump] rutube.ru dumping stopped working: ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket , failed to read RTMP packet header

Oleg G verdrehung at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 11:29:18 CEST 2011

> I tried your server, it did not have my original problem but was not 
> entirely normal either.  The transfer was interrupted and resumed by 
> rtmpdump itself numerous times.  Eventually it finished, having 
> downloaded ~62MB, which is definitely much larger than the actual size 
> of this 2 min video.  And it didn't play well, skipped around, in vlc.
> Did you see these resumes?  What size did you download?  I suppose it 
> may behave differently based on region.
~20MB for me. And yes, video is played with repetitions in some places.
As I can see while downloading server sends many times sequence of the commands:


I think this cause a problem with repetitions while playing. But when we use player
from the site I can see that there is no NetStream.Pause.Notify and other commands
from this sequence in the stream. So, behavior of the server is different for their player
and for rtmpdump.
> Where are you downloading 
> from?  I am in the US.
> Anyways, the above is a different issue, are you able to repro the 
> original problem with my command line
Yes, same problem.

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