[rtmpdump] rutube.ru dumping stopped working: ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket , failed to read RTMP packet header

al_9x at yahoo.com al_9x at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 21:31:07 CEST 2011

On 4/15/2011 6:32 AM, Oleg G wrote:
> Here is my rtmpdump command, which I got with rtmppsrv for this video:
> rtmpdump -r "rtmp://video-102-1.rutube.ru:1935/vod/" -a "vod/" \
>   -f "LNX 10,3,162,29" \
> -W "http://rutube.ru/player.swf" \
> -p "http://rutube.ru/tracks/4322127.html" \
> -y \
> "mp4:rutube/vol23/movies/5a/ec/5aecd537dc35d7723f00f93db4c4eafc.mp4?t=1302862131&h=lunOhu9HfsGf9tpRkQKvlg==&blid=79cc6fbcd0cbb2bb85cb92cb5d705ac4"\
>   -o test.flv
> This command downloads full video. So. I think it could be problems of
> video-1-14.rutube.ru server.
I tried your server, it did not have my original problem but was not 
entirely normal either.  The transfer was interrupted and resumed by 
rtmpdump itself numerous times.  Eventually it finished, having 
downloaded ~62MB, which is definitely much larger than the actual size 
of this 2 min video.  And it didn't play well, skipped around, in vlc.

Did you see these resumes?  What size did you download?  I suppose it 
may behave differently based on region.  Where are you downloading 
from?  I am in the US.

Anyways, the above is a different issue, are you able to repro the 
original problem with my command line:

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://video-1-14.rutube.ru:1935/rutube_vod_2/" -a 
"rutube_vod_2/" -f "WIN 10,3,180,65" -W "http://rutube.ru/player.swf" -p 
"http://rutube.ru/tracks/4322127.html?v=5aecd537dc35d7723f00f93db4c4eafc" -y 
-o 5aecd537dc35d7723f00f93db4c4eafc.flv

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