[rtmpdump] Compiling rtmpdump on Windows (MinGW)

PLTK pnixte at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 21:03:46 CET 2010


I tried (successfully) to compile rtmpdump on Windows using MinGW and these
are my comments for anyone that tries the same thing.

1) Get zlib from the following link:
Extract the archive and copy file "zlib1.dll" into your \MinGW\lib directory.

2) Get openssl from:

Select the "full" installer. Install and copy files "libeay32" "ssleay32" with
extensions ".dll", ".lib" ".def" ".a" into \MinGW\lib  and the files
from \OpenSSL\include
into \MinGW\include\openssl .

3) Edit the Makefile of rtmpdump and change the line:
LIBS=-lcrypto -lz


LIBS=-llibeay32 -llibssl32 -lzlib1

4) Compile rtmpdump and run :)

Hope that helps.

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