[rtmpdump] r362 - trunk/librtmp/rtmp.c

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Tue Mar 16 11:15:02 CET 2010

hyc wrote:
> Author: hyc
> Date: Tue Mar 16 10:21:27 2010
> New Revision: 362
> Log:
> More cleanups for SendPacket: timestamps, header type, etc.

For anyone curious about the most recent changes - this brings librtmp up to 
work directly in ffmpeg/libavformat. An early version of the libavformat code 
is posted here


(that version is missing the rtmp_write support, but you can easily add it 
yourself. Just follow the model from rtmp_read.)

As an alternative, I've also posted an equivalent module for mplayer.


(That's also not the latest version. Can provide more details if needed.)

And also, a patch for XBMC to use librtmp.


The ffmpeg libraries are used by quite a lot of multimedia projects.
So, one way or another, you ought to be able to have native RTMPE streaming 
support in your favorite media player soon. The next step is up to these 
respective projects to decide if they want to incorporate these features.

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