[rtmpdump] Read access denied for stream (saw in --debug)

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Fri Feb 26 19:55:11 CET 2010

bird wrote:
> rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://e1a.vdo.vip.hk1.tvb.com:1935/vi" -a "vi" -f "WIN
> 10,0,45,2" -W "http://img.tvb.com/tv/flash/tv_player_v3.0.swf?memberID=&videoID=105047&time=1267173849"
> -p "http://programme.tvb.com/drama/theeloquentjixiaolan4/video/106455"
> -C S: -C S:mp4:/4/303/000000030278.mp4 -C S:1267130651671964 -y
> "mp4:/4/303/000000030277.mp4" -o 000000030277.mp4 --debug
> play no problem in browser
> 2.1d rtmpdump
> page url : http://programme.tvb.com/drama/theeloquentjixiaolan4/video/106455

Use rtmpsuck instead. This server sends a challenge to the client in a 
"disneyToken" request, and rtmpdump has no code to handle that. Not sure I 
want to add it, since it appears to be site-specific.

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