[rtmpdump] Request - settable Windows application title

gxdata gxdata at iinet.net.au
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I don't understand rtmpdump's abilities for redirection - for instance,
rtmpdump -h > info.txt just doesn't work. 

So, I didn't expect error flags could be captured. 


What do you mean by the shorthand rtmpdump . 1>logfile.txt / 2>errfile.txt ?
Is the final 1 (or 2) a parameter indicative of logging and error reporting,
respectively? I don't see it in the logs. 


(for me, a simple test can be obtained by using the .bat generated by iVN in
debug mode, for something small like The Owl  7Mb. The batch file has auth
and all params). 


Is this conversation more appropriate at stream-recorder iView? 

Ian Thomas
Scientific Software



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Send them to a log file? Yes.

    rtmpdump .... 1>logfile.txt

Redirects the console "standard output" (stdout) messages to "logfile.txt"

    rtmpdump .... 2>errfile.txt

Redirects the console "error output" (stderr) messages to "errfile.txt"

Stefan Zakarias.

On 1/12/2010 1:43 AM, gxdata wrote: 

Can I retain the error messages from rtmpdump? 


Ian Thomas
Scientific Software


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