[rtmpdump] Parsing an RTMPE URL

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Mon Apr 12 00:17:42 CEST 2010

Anony Mous wrote:
> Alright, so rtmpsrv did the trick.  Fantastic utility!  Perfect way to extract the otherwise
> encrypted connect data.  About the only thing I would add is to have it output tcUrl.  And ya, the
> parameters pretty much matched the perl code provided by Monsieur Video.
> Thanks so much to Howard and Monsieur Video.
> I'm going to spend some more time and tidy things up before offering up changes to allow visual
> studio builds.  On that topic: this is going to sound stupid, but bear with me: did you guys intend
> to build the lib as straight C?  or C++?  Your makefile is invoking gcc, but it is unclear what
> language you're targeting.

Sounds like you didn't read the ChangeLog.


16 December 2009, v2.0
- rewrote everything else in C, reorganized to make it usable again as a library
- fixed more portability bugs
- plugged memory leaks

> If C: then there are some places that seem to violate the declaration of variables rules in C.
> Visual Studio complained about that when first attempting to compile the *.c files as C code.

Obviously if we meant C++ we would have left the filenames as *.cpp, like they 
were in the 1.x code. The fact is, a lot of the conversion from C++ to C was 
done hastily, and so there's probably a lot I missed. But also, the code 
compiles with gcc, and I have no motivation to support Visual Studio. Again: 
you're welcome to submit your patch, I make no promises about using it.

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