[rtmpdump] Parsing an RTMPE URL

Anony Mous anonymous247 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 21:42:46 CEST 2010

Alright, so rtmpsrv did the trick.  Fantastic utility!  Perfect way to extract the otherwise 
encrypted connect data.  About the only thing I would add is to have it output tcUrl.  And ya, the 
parameters pretty much matched the perl code provided by Monsieur Video.

Thanks so much to Howard and Monsieur Video.

I'm going to spend some more time and tidy things up before offering up changes to allow visual 
studio builds.  On that topic: this is going to sound stupid, but bear with me: did you guys intend 
to build the lib as straight C?  or C++?  Your makefile is invoking gcc, but it is unclear what 
language you're targeting.

If C: then there are some places that seem to violate the declaration of variables rules in C. 
Visual Studio complained about that when first attempting to compile the *.c files as C code.

->This is the path I took locally<- If C++: then for easiest compiling under Visual Studio, the file 
extensions should be renamed from *.c to *.cpp, and a bunch of the implicit casts from void * need 
to be fixed up.  Also, because the exported API doesn't actually use any C++ features, it would be 
easiest to wrap public headers in extern "C" {...}, as that will help with binary compatibility.

Regardless of what language to target, I would suggest moving the public API headers to a separate 
"include" directory.

Anyways, I'm rambling.

On 4/11/2010 5:49 AM, Monsieur Video wrote:
> On 11 April 2010 03:57, Anony Mous <anonymous247 at gmail.com
> <mailto:anonymous247 at gmail.com>> wrote:
> [..]
>     I have to guess that the problem is with the app or tcUrl parameters
>     in the connect packet.  Because the failure happens as part of the
>     connect, it hasn't even gotten far enough to to send the playpath.
>       The app and tcUrl are the only important things I'm aware of in
>     the connect packet.  I know capabilities, audiocodecs, videocodecs
>     and videofunction are in there, but they're pretty hard coded.
>       There's also pageUrl, and I guess its possible I need to include
>     that... but seems doubtful to me.
>     Any other suggestions?  Did I make a mistake somewhere along the way?
> If it helps there's some perl code that I'm told works for CTV here:
> http://github.com/monsieurvideo/get-flash-videos/blob/master/FlashVideo/Site/Ctv.pm
> The important bit being where it makes @rtmpdump_commands, those
> parameters match the arguments to the command line rtmpdump.
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