[rtmpdump] GUI for RTMPDump

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Thu Dec 17 04:09:45 CET 2009

Bryan Kirk wrote:
> It would be nice if someone made one (which would sniff for RTMP streams
> and download them).

No plans from me, but now that the trunk code has been reorganized it should 
be pretty easy for someone else to integrate it into some other apps for that 

Of course, just sniffing the streams won't get you the Connect parameters if 
it's using RTMPE. In that case you'll need to be able to decode the handshake 
and get the keys too. The keys are generated randomly but I think you can get 
a handle on this (on Linux) by using LD_PRELOAD to load a wrapper library that 
intercepts rand / srand / random and uses a set of known constant values. That 
should force the Flash client to use a known key so you can follow along from 

-- hyc

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