[NUT-devel] codec id nonsense, please end it

Alex Beregszaszi alex at fsn.hu
Tue Jun 20 23:39:41 CEST 2006


> This is not an important point. Anyway... here let's use a new codec
> id system. In the new system all names will be exactly 4 characters,
> and here are the first 6 entries:
> mp4v - mpeg4 video
> aac  - aac audio
> mp3  - mp3 audio
> mp2  - mp2 audio

What about mp2a / mp3a? So mp2v could exist (and not mpg2). Otoh aaca
would look crazy :)

Also I would restrict the available character set from your proposed
ascii-printable to alphanumeric+space, everything else is making it more
complicated. The dash (-) is the only symbol I could be convienced if
too much ppl cry.

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