[MPlayer-users] Unexpected quasi-pause when switching desktops

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Mon Aug 29 17:04:21 EEST 2022

it seems my email got lost, so sending again, sorry for the quoting that
got a bit messed up because of that:

>> On 27 Aug 2022, at 03:38, The Wanderer <wanderer at fastmail.fm> wrote:
>> I've run a few of these tests now, and the results look interesting, but
>> I'm not sure what they mean.
>> With -vo gl and -ao alsa, the problem happens in what appears to be the
>> exact same way.
>> With -vo x11 and -ao alsa, the problem does *not* happen.
> Sounds like either windows on the other desktop are not getting access to the GPU at all, or vsync is broken.
> Could try -vo gl:swapinterval=0 but if you use a compositor it might be its fault/breaking itself.
>> =====  PAUSE  =====
>> [AO_ALSA] pcm pause error: File descriptor in bad state
>> [AO_ALSA] pcm resume error: File descriptor in bad state
> I am guessing the vo slowing things down that much then breaks the ao, making the issue more "sticky".
> Another option might be to use "perf" with wall clock time sampling to figure out where exactly things get stuck, but I don't know how to do that out of my head.
> But it seems a video/GPU issue.
> I don't think much changed in MPlayer, so if it's a regression I'd think compositor/window manager/GPU driver to be a more likely cause than MPlayer to be honest...
> Best regards,
> Reimar

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