[MPlayer-users] Finding One's Place in a File

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Sun May 2 14:54:01 EEST 2021

Hi Martin,

On 02.05.21 00:10, Martin McCormick wrote:
> One of the types of files I play with mplayer is the raw audio
> type which is communications quality audio recorded at 8 KHZ.
> When playing the audio with mplayer -quiet, I can skip forward
> and, if I skip enough such as 2 or 3 minutes worth, mplayer tells
> me X% such as 20% or however far I am in the file now.  Is there
> any key that will call that calculation without moving backward
> or forward?

You can try (upper case) P for a short display of the position
(progress through the file).  This worked for me for an MP3 file
I used for a quick test.

 From the man page:

      Show  progression  bar,  elapsed time and total duration on
      the OSD.

In my test the output for an audio file was in the terminal.

> 	Another nice thing to be able to do is to have some value
> representing the number of samples read to resume playback if the
> playback is interrupted and one wants to resume at the same spot
> again.

The above gibes the position in second granularity.  You can use
that information with the option "-ss".

 From the man page:

-ss <time> (also see -sb)
        Seek  to given time position.  Use -ss nopts to disable seeking,
        -ss 0 has different behaviour.


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