[MPlayer-users] Error on GNUTLS when compiling MPlayer

Stephane Ascoet stephaneascoet at free.fr
Sat Feb 13 20:40:11 EET 2021

The Wanderer:
> In the MPlayer configure script, '--enable-foo' typically means to skip
> autodetection of foo, and assume that the necessary compiler / linker /


thanks but yes, I understood that reading the documentation already.

> you're seeing are simply "missing symbol" compile-time linker errors.

Thanks, but however being a very longtimer free software user, contributor and 
activist, I don't know what a "symbol" is...

> If you're sure you have them installed, you need to pass arguments to
> e.g. the --extra-* configure options which tell MPlayer where to find
> the header and other library-related files necessary to compile with GnuTLS.

How can I do to find where on the system they could be? The descriptions of the 
various "--extra-* configure options" in the script are almost like chinese for 

> Most likely, however, what you need to do is to configure MPlayer
> without '--*-gnutls' and review the config.log output to see why
> autodetection is failing, then see what you can do to let it find what
> it's looking for.

I've done it initially. There was missing libraries for various functions I 
need in MPlayer, so I've spent hours installing the necessary packages. But for 
TLS support, there is only "no" displayed next to "checking for GNUTLS", 
without any additional information, so I have no clues at all to guess what's 
missing. Could you give me some more of these last ones so I can go forward?

Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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