[MPlayer-users] AC3 decoder spamming the console when playing DVDs

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Wed Jan 15 00:48:12 EET 2020

Hi Stephen!

On 2020-01-14 21:26 +0000, Stephen Mollett wrote:
> I've been seeing this for a while but have only just got around to asking
> about it, having noticed that it doesn't just affect the (possibly
> cheaply-mastered) TV box set I was watching.
> Whenever I play back a DVD with AC3 audio, I get messages like:
> [ac3 @ 0x7f101e2691a0]Got unexpected packet after EOF
> in MPlayer's output, every few frames, for the entire duration of the
> stream. (Full mplayer -v output follows below.) This seems to affect all
> DVDs that I've tried, both physical discs and dvdbackup images.
> It's not actually affecting playback but it suggests that something isn't
> quite right somewhere - either the demuxer is returning a dodgy stream, the
> decoder isn't handling it right or there's something wrong with the way all
> the DVDs are muxed.

It should be fixed since MPlayer SVN r37946 . The problem was also
reported as MPlayer ticket #2329 .

> Does anyone else see this or is it just my systems that do it? I'm running
> MPlayer 1.3.0 on Gentoo.

If you could update to the newest release or the latest development
version, the problem should be gone.

Best regards,

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