[MPlayer-users] Help needed: Video scaling

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Thu Nov 21 20:47:19 EET 2019

On 21 November 2019 17:36:31 CET, Paul Strickland <paul_strickland at mail.com> wrote:
>Hi there, sorry, but I’ve another dumb newbie question.
>I’m playing a full hd (1920x1080) file through to a 1280x720 projector.
>MPlayer is not scaling the video down. What’s the easiest way of doing
>this. I’ve searched various forums but all the answers are very old and
>don’t seem to give me the right result. I’ve tried what I thought was
>the obvious answer, -fs but doesn’t seem to work.

How does it not work? 
How many screens do you have configured and at which resolutions? 
If multiple, you might need to specify which to go fullsceen on or it might try to cover both. 
As always, full MPlayer output makes it much easier for people to help as well. 

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