[MPlayer-users] Encoding with libx264

bugzzzz bugzzzz at free.fr
Tue Nov 7 23:38:39 EET 2017

Thank you for your answer.

Le dimanche 5 novembre 2017 14:59:24 Alexander Strasser a écrit :
> Hi!
> On 2017-10-18 18:18 +0200, bugzzzz wrote:
> > I tried a lot of options with mencoder and H.264 codec (libx264 from lavc and x264enc) and nothing works.
> > It seems that mencoder does not support H.264 codec any more as runtime messages display "broken ffmpeg default settings detected" and propose options not supported by mencoder. So the mencoder man pages are outdated !
> > So, could you confirm that mencoder does not support encoding with H.264 codec family ?
> > Thank you.
> It's important to not mix up option names between ve lavc and ve x264.
> This is your original command changed to ve x264 (-ovc x264 and -x264encopts):
>   mencoder //home/azor/tmp/t1c1 -nosound -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=1000:subq=5:8x8dct:frameref=2:bframes=3:b_pyramid=normal:weight_b:pass=1 -vf pp=,scale=-1 -o /dev/null
I tried these parameters and it seems to be OK.

> I didn't check if those encoding settings make sense. Also I don't know
> if you really need and want to do multi-pass encoding.
> BTW there is still an mencoder ML which might spawn better answers to
> your mencoder questions:
>   https://mplayerhq.hu/design7/mailing_lists.html
>     -> MEncoder-users: general support mailing list for MEncoder-related questions.
> Best regards,
>   Alexander

But what I don't understand is the difference between H.264 codecs from mencoder :
-ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=libx264
-ovc x264 -x264encopts
and from ffmpeg :
-c:v libx264

As ffmpeg is downloaded an built when building mplayer-checkout-snapshot.*, are these codecs different ?
And if they are, what is the most reliable ?

I tried ffmpeg and got a better result in term of aspect ratio in smplayer with ffmpeg (-c:v libx264) than with mencoder but the -pre options in ffmpeg are outdated in the provided package.

> Using ffmpeg instead of mencoder can be a good and fun idea, depending
> on how well ffmpeg supports your use case at hand. Using both to solve
> a particular task is fine as well. Also tools like ffprobe from FFmpeg
> might come in handy to expect the intermediate and end results.

Unfortunately, ffprobe is very poor at identifying the different parts (titles, chapters, ...) of a dvd so I'm trying to mix mplayer and ffmpeg.

Thank you for your advices.


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