[MPlayer-users] Cannot convert mpeg2 any longer (after update) ]get_buffer() failed (stride changed)

Sebastian Heyn sebastian.heyn at yahoo.de
Wed Jan 13 08:38:01 CET 2016


I use mencoder to convert a DVD to DIVX. This script has not been
altered and I use the following mencoder command line
mplayer -dvd-device  folder dvd://1 --dumpvideo --dumpfile vid.m2v
mencoder vid.m2v -ovc lavc -lavcopts
-nosound  -ffourcc DX50 -o /dev/null
mencoder vid.m2v -ovc lavc -lavcopts
-nosound  -ffourcc DX50 -o video0.avi

[mpeg2video @ 0xb6041400]get_buffer() failed (stride changed)
Error while decoding frame!

I tried re-encoding something that already worked before - now it doesnt.

Now version: mplayer-1.2_pre20150730

I have also tried on my slackware 14.1 system which uses mplayer 1.1 and
it can convert the dvd with no problems.

Any ideas?

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