[MPlayer-users] Pause and UDP slave mode

Edit B bouke at editb.nl
Mon Jan 11 15:19:23 CET 2016

Hi guys,

Controlling a file over UDP. Works swell for normal playback, but Mplayer 
does not seem to understand backwards playing, not even on I frame only 

But worse, if I pause the clip (either stop the UDP sending or keep sending 
the same time), Mplayer pauses the video but keeps playing a bit of sound. 
(some 300 Msecs) in a loop.
That gets kinda annoying.
Is there a way of preventing this?
Also, when Mplayer is paused like this, it is not responsive anymore, moving 
/ scaling the window is no longer possible.
Are there more commands I can send besides time and  "bye" ?



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