[MPlayer-users] fast-forward or back-forward cause the video frame output error

Zongyao Qu zongyao.qu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 14:45:00 CET 2015

HW: MacBook Pro 2011 later
OS: OSX 10.11, 10.10
mplayer+ffmpeg: almost latest in master

1. the H264 encoded file
2. ffh264vda decoder is in use
3. so far, I only see the mp4 container has the issue,
but it is said some other containers have the same 
issue too.

When fast-forward or back-forward, the output video 
image outputs with noises, it is hard to describe 
how the noise is, it looks like that the I frame is lost,
and only P frame is used.

Also, I notice that the following log outputted.

[h264_vda @ 0x100f95e00]Discarding mismatching reference
[h264_vda @ 0x100f95e00]Missing reference picture, default is 0
[h264_vda @ 0x100f95e00]decode_slice_header error

I tried to use the SW decoder, it does not have the same issue.

I think it might be a ffmpeg's h264_vda issue,
but does not have time to deep look into it.

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