[MPlayer-users] zooming and moving image

Anton Sviridenko anton at corp.bluecherry.net
Sun Jan 25 15:49:17 CET 2015


I use mplayer in slave mode for displaying video in application
through -wid option.
I need to have zoom in/zoom out and move left/right/up/down feature
during playback and pause. I looked how it is implemented in SMPlayer,
and as I understand, the whole widget were video is rendered onto
(that one whose window id is passed to mplayer) is resized and moved.
So when only some small part of video is displayed in smplayer window,
whole picture is still painted by mplayer on other, invisible parts of
widget. Zooming and moving picture is slow and is not smooth,
performance is poor.

Is there some more effective way for displaying only scaled parts of
video? Maybe it is possible to implement it using filters?

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