[MPlayer-users] extracting subtitles from .vob

Mike Castle dalgoda+mplayer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 01:21:31 CET 2015

I haven't done this in a while using mencoder, I'd switched to
handbrake, but looking at my old script, this is what I'd used to do:

    mencoder \
      -nocache \
      -dvd-device $dvd \
      -chapter $chapters \
      -msglevel muxer=0:decvideo=3:cplayer=1 \
      -quiet \
      -vobsubout $track.$chapters.vob \
      -vobsuboutindex $count \
      -vobsuboutid $slang \
      -sid $index \
      -aid $aid \
      -oac $oac \
      -ovc copy \
      -o /dev/null $track.$chapters.1.vob

(I would extract EVERY vobsub to repack into an MKV)

oac would either be copy or pcm, based upon other criteria (I think
LPCM wouldn't work?)

Don't know if -oac pcm would help you in this case or not.   Apparently I'd use:

mplayer -vo null -ao null -frames 0 -dvd-device %s -identify dvd://%d

to figure that out.

(Yes, my old system randomly mixed bash and python, depending on when
I wrote bits and pieces)

If I remember correctly, you pretty much need the .IFO files in order
to get the right colors to use for the languages.

Finally, if all you want is english, you might find it easier to look
for Closed Captions before OCRs vobsubs.

I always use ccextractor -srt -o foo.srt foo.vob  to get those as well.

You could check to see if that got you anything first, and if so, skip
the vobsub/OCR step.


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