[MPlayer-users] De-interlacing and YUV420 pixels

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 23 04:57:56 CET 2013

>>> Sorry, but this is ridiculous.

>> What is ridiculous?>
>You're using a over 3 years old version.

No, that isn't ridiculous.  Because everytime I or anyone else mentions
mencoder, Carl tells them ffmpeg is vastly superior ffmpeg and that
nobody use or updates mencoder anymore.  If nobody updates mencoder
anymore, why does what version I use?  That's ridiculous.

What's really ridiculous is that every time I try to substitute an ffmpeg command
for an mencoder command, it doesn't work.  Every time.  Even his ffmpeg
solution 'ffmpeg -i input -vf yadif' didn't work.  The pixels were all blue-shifted.

Anyway, I have the latest SVN checkout as of about two months ago and
I tried it and the same exact problems occurred.  If you know get it 
to work, please let me know.  

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