[MPlayer-users] Sound stop between Ctrl+Alt+Fn and Alt+F7

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Thu May 23 00:12:25 CEST 2013

Dominique Michel wrote:
> Le Tue, 21 May 2013 12:14:15 +0200,
> Alexander Roalter <alex at roalter.it> a écrit :
>> Am 20.05.2013 17:43, schrieb Dominique Michel:
>>> Hi all,
>>> My dekstop is FVWM-Crystal on gentoo. I have jack that run all the
>>> time without pa but with the sound aloop module loaded for the alsa
>>> only programs. mplaer use jack for audio.
>>> With my precedent graphic card, a hi-end nvidia, all was fine at the
>>> exception of the noise of the ventilator of this card. I changed it
>>> for an ATI silent. I really appreciate the absence of noise, but I
>>> get a new problem:
>>> When shifting from X to a console with Ctrl+Alt+Fn, the sound
>>> from mplayer disappear at the same time. It go back only when I
>>> shift back to X with Alt+F7.
>>> This must be related to the graphic card. I run it with the ATI
>>> fglxr driver, and I didn't get this issue with the nvidia card.
>>> Also, with the new one, the sound from audio only software like
>>> alsaplayer is not interrupted.
>>> Are you aware of this problem, and is it something else I can do
>>> than to report it to AMD?
>>> Best,
>>> Dominique
>> I havea similar issue, but mine was with a geforce card, too.
>> It manifested in the following way:
>> - sound through pulseaudio
>> - when switching from X to the console, no sound
>> - once I log in the console (as the same user as is running mplayer
>> in X, I get sound also in the console
> I can login both as root or as the same user in the console, but never
> get sound. I just try with xine also using jack, and I get sound, even
> before any login.
> So, this look like to be a mplayer related issue. I use cgroups to get
> realtime priority with jack.

For me using OSS radeon driver on a 4890 + alsa this only happens with 
-vo gl. The vid pauses, so no sound. It doesn't happen with -vo vdpau or xv.

I guess since you are using fglrx you can't test vdpau so try xv.

Is xine using gl?

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