[MPlayer-users] Building MPlayer and XMMS

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Thu Feb 28 13:20:54 CET 2013

Hi Elio Blanca!

 On 2013.02.28 at 10:34:14 +0100, Elio Blanca wrote next:

> as reported here:
> http://users.softlab.ntua.gr/~ttsiod/mp3pro.html
> using xmms1.x plugin system via mplayer is the only way (apart from
> running xmms itself) of getting an old mp3pro plugin working and so
> achieving a native solution for playing mp3pro files in linux (I
> found a few dozens files lying around).
> I know there are working win32 players (nice gui!) and wine is a
> great piece of software but I often deal with command line and I
> LOVE the flexibility mplayer offers.

Well, I suppose it's your only choice then.. Note that I'm not 100% sure
that xmms plugin demuxer works fine in modern mplayer, but if no one
broke it, maybe it still does..

Yes, you'll have to build & install gtk1 and development packages to it;
you'll also need glib1, likely old libpng (I believe they changed api
somehow at some point) and bunch of other old packages. And hope it all
will compile fine with modern gcc version..

Note also that you'll need 32-bit versions of all this, also 32-bit
version of mplayer (which will require 32-bit version of all the stuff
that mplayer needs to playback various formats, and it's quite a big
list); 64-bit mplayer won't be compatible with this binary 32-bit xmms



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