[MPlayer-users] loop option problem using gl2 driver in win 7 64bit

Morris Beverly mo at avpresentations.com
Mon Feb 25 22:37:26 CET 2013

> On 25 Feb 2013, at 22:07, wm4 <nfxjfg at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, 25 Feb 2013 15:45:38 -0500
>> Morris Beverly <mo at avpresentations.com> wrote:
>>> I just dropped mplayer2 into my original xineramascreen command line
>>> and it worked perfectly.  Don't know what the issue is/was with
>>> mplayer, but I seem to be fine with it using mplayer2.
>> Maybe VOFLAG_HIDDEN (again).

It was a very strange series of events.  I first ran in to it maybe 4 or 
5 months ago when I could not output video to a particular display 
device (a panasonic video switcher via vga input) using the same 
xineramascreen settings I had always used.  All video played back on the 
local monitor when connected to the switcher.  All other output devices 
were fine.  I noticed this almost always after that on laptops with 
nvidia graphics. 

However sometimes, even ones with nvidia would work, until I used the 
nvidia settings application to adjust the resolution for the external 
monitor -- it had worked using the built in windows 7 screen resolution 
adjustment window (on the same laptop), but if I ever used the nvidia 
app, it would refuse to play video on the external device, playing it 
instead on the laptop screen.  After using the nvidia app, I couldn't 
get the windows settings to work either.

I did notice that the nvidia application seemed to change the way the 
"primary" screen was set.  With the windows settings, the laptop screen 
would be "primary" (as reported by qt which the gui is written in) and 
when I used the nvidia app, it changed the reported primary screen to 
the second monitor.

However, this week I have seen the problem with amd cards as well.  This 
was also happening on all second output devices, even standard 
monitors.  That's when I threw in the towel and began using -x, -y & 
geometry to force it onto the output I wanted.

As I said, simply changing the executable to mplayer2 from mplayer 
seemed to have completely fixed the problem.  I haven't had time to try 
using any of this just at the command prompt since I only use it with my 
gui.  Don't know if there is some difference there because of my using 
slave mode.

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