[MPlayer-users] loop option problem using gl2 driver in win 7 64bit

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Mon Feb 25 22:46:53 CET 2013

On 25 Feb 2013, at 21:45, Morris Beverly <mo at avpresentations.com> wrote:

> Morris Beverly wrote:
>> Reimar Döffinger wrote:
>>> On 25 Feb 2013, at 17:51, Morris Beverly <mo at avpresentations.com> wrote:
>>>> I'm using slave mode with mplayer 35923-2, downloaded from code.google, running on windows 7 64bit.  I'm using the gl2 driver with "-geometry" to force the video to play on the second monitor.
>> I will probably try mplayer2 later today as I wasn't aware of it until recently.  Maybe xineramascreen will work for me with it.
> I just dropped mplayer2 into my original xineramascreen command line and it worked perfectly.  Don't know what the issue is/was with mplayer, but I seem to be fine with it using mplayer2.

I just tested it on Windows 7 and -xineramascreen 0/1 works just fine for choosing the display.
In addition, -geometry works just fine also with -vo direct3d and -vo directx (though the latter needs -adapter 2 or similar as always). Shouldn't matter, but this is an AMD card running 13.1 drivers.
Lastly, your issue actually proves that the monitor handling code works fine, MPlayer detects it is running on a different screen and changes the -geometry handling to be relative to that.

> By the way it does seem that -vf eq=1 is required to adjust gamma etc in slave mode.  At least it seemed to work for me while leaving it out did not.

You don't need eq, you just need a to choose a mode that supports it, e.g. -vo gl:yuv=3.
However there was a bug that unless you set gamma separately for each of red, green and blue it would set it only for red.
That is fixed in r35924.

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