[MPlayer-users] loop option problem using gl2 driver in win 7 64bit

Morris Beverly mo at avpresentations.com
Mon Feb 25 17:51:30 CET 2013


I'm using slave mode with mplayer 35923-2, downloaded from code.google, 
running on windows 7 64bit.  I'm using the gl2 driver with "-geometry" 
to force the video to play on the second monitor.

I have '-loop 0' in the command line starting mplayer and the video does 
loop, however, the "-geometry" option is "executed" a second time and 
shifts the video over by another set of pixels on the monitor that it is 
playing on.  This only happens on the first loop, it doesn't happen 
again in subsequent loops.

I've tried putting the loop option at different places on the command 
line but it doesn't seem to help.  Sample command lines are below.

-quiet -slave -osdlevel 0 -idle -fixed-vo -nocache -noborder -vo gl2 -x 
1280 -y 720 -geometry 1000:40 -vf eq2=1 -loop 0 ./media/video.mp4

-quiet -slave -osdlevel 0 -idle -fixed-vo -nocache -noborder -loop 0 -vo 
gl2 -x 1280 -y 720 -geometry 1000:40 -vf eq2=1 ./media/video.mp4



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