[MPlayer-users] Turning GNOME MPlayer into a normal one

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sun Feb 24 15:15:43 CET 2013

Hi Reimar Döffinger!

 On 2013.02.24 at 14:21:09 +0100, Reimar Döffinger wrote next:

> DRI currently isn't supposed to be enabled for H.264, so I think this
> message is not supposed to appear in working versions.

Yes, it disappeared.

> > Btw, I wonder if you know about current state of radeon 7xxx cards in
> > Linux (with open source driver). Namely, if their driver + GL stack
> > works fine in mplayer. Recently released Mesa 9.1 mentions that
> > "Gallium3D driver for RadeonSI on Radeon HD 7000 (Southern Islands) is
> > more stable and has enough functionality to run composite managers and
> > most OpenGL games"
> Well, the 3D stack in general works fine for the older ones.
> But I have no idea about the newest 7000 series.

They use new driver and many things that work for older ones aren't
available yet :(

> > I'm thinking of changing video card to that series, mainly for
> > energy-reducing purposes - current one heats up things around it too
> > much. I figured that latest series are usually best power-wise, but
> > there was problem with opensource driver support for both radeon and
> > nvidia cards; looks like things are better right now and I can finally
> > do the change.
> Uh, the power management does not work even on the HD4000
> series with OpenSource drivers, I am quite sure any Radeon card will
> become horribly hot until this is fixed.
> Are you configuring the card for power saving (echo low >
> /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile)?

Yeah, but it doesn't help much (it lowers cores temperature from 66/61
to 63/59, something like that). Lots of heat is generated. Well, even
HD4000 cards are different - something like 46xx can run under low
power, while the card in question (4870x2) is supposed to consume at
leaset 100W even in "idle power mode" under windows drivers and over
300W under load. And now it consumes even more in idle, I'm pretty sure
it was quite a bit colder with catalyst driver.
I see lots of 7xxx cards that are showing less than 20W consumption in
idle modes, which sounds nice.



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