[MPlayer-users] How can I draw subtitles at very bottom of screen (without border)?

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Wed Nov 7 17:08:06 CET 2012

It's not merely a 'black bar'. It's a another layer draw by mplayer. You can't crop it. If you get direct rendering, you can use opengl video output in which case subtitle shows up at the very  bottom with prettier looks.
At 2012-11-06 20:35:48,"None None" <s-trace at list.ru> wrote:
>I want to make subtitles to be displayed directly on the bottom of the screen, without borders. I try to use -vf expand=0:-20:0:0 and subtitles appear exactly where it should, but there is a black bar at the bottom 20 pixels of the image. If I try to cut it by -vf expand=0:-20:0:0,crop=0:400:0:0 (400 - this is the height of the original image in pixels) - subtitles are displayed in the same place where without any filters. And if I try to enable OSD=1 in expand filter (-vf expand=0:-20:0:0:1) - I do not see any OSD.
>I think that I need to patch mplayer in order to achieve the desired. Who can help me with this?
>Here's a picture that what I have, and what I want to get.
>Thank you.
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