[MPlayer-users] How can I draw subtitles at very bottom of screen (without border)?

None None s-trace at list.ru
Tue Nov 6 13:35:48 CET 2012

I want to make subtitles to be displayed directly on the bottom of the screen, without borders. I try to use -vf expand=0:-20:0:0 and subtitles appear exactly where it should, but there is a black bar at the bottom 20 pixels of the image. If I try to cut it by -vf expand=0:-20:0:0,crop=0:400:0:0 (400 - this is the height of the original image in pixels) - subtitles are displayed in the same place where without any filters. And if I try to enable OSD=1 in expand filter (-vf expand=0:-20:0:0:1) - I do not see any OSD.
I think that I need to patch mplayer in order to achieve the desired. Who can help me with this?
Here's a picture that what I have, and what I want to get.
Thank you.

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