[MPlayer-users] Menus & sound stuttering

Bob Stia rnr at pasco.org
Mon Jan 16 04:42:04 CET 2012


I sent the following message on Jan.9 and nody has replied so I am askiong 
again. Am I the only oe having this problem.
This is my first message to the mailing list. I am running opensuse   Linux.

I am severely sight impaired. I use mplayer to listen to audio cd;s of books 
because of this. They open and start to play fine but if I pause the 
recording when it starts again the sound is chopped and unintelligible.

The other thing is the tiny fonts and icons requiring me to use a magnifying 
glass to read/see them. Is there a way to make them or the smplayer display 

Bob S

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