[MPlayer-users] BUG: stream_file.c: reconnects to fifos

PyroPeter tristan at pyropeter.eu
Wed Aug 22 18:13:17 CEST 2012

Hello mplayer users (and, hopefully, developers),

I recently updated mplayer and noticed that it took really long to parse
plain text playlists from a pipe (I play my music using a command like
'mplayer -playlist <(find /stuff)'). I think this is caused by mplayer
trying to reconnect to the file stream when it reads EOF. I'm not quite
sure why this is not a problem with regular files.

How to reproduce (in bash; other shells probably have other syntaxes for
process substitution):
$ time mplayer <(echo)
This should show that mplayer takes exactly 4 seconds to read the fifo.
(This corresponds with the defines in stream_reconnect(): 4 * 1000ms of

I'm using MPlayer SVN-r35014-4.7.1.


PS: mplayer is awesome!

IRC: freenode | PGP: 0x8E16DCE0 | WWW: http://pyropeter.eu/

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