[MPlayer-users] DVD cache setting

Julian Sikorski belegdol at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 22:48:14 CEST 2012

W dniu 19.08.2012 22:29, Erik Auerswald pisze:
> Hi,
> On 08/19/2012 10:13 PM, Julian Sikorski wrote:
>> W dniu 18.08.2012 15:23, Kevin DeKorte pisze:
>>> For awhile I have heard that DVDs should be played using the -nocache
>>> option. With modern DVD drives being so fast and the spin up spin down
>>> times actually causing lag which is the better option for DVD playback
>>> using cache with DVDs
>>> using dvd-speed=1 with DVDs (although this requires root privs,
>>> correct).
>> I was the one who was initially having problem with this. I tried
>> without gnome-mplayer, and -cache does not work very well: -cache 8192
>> will cause nothing to be played.
>> I tried limiting the DVD speed too, but it still did not prevent the
>> videos from being jerky.
>> The machine most certainly has more than enough computing power to
>> decode the stream, and totem plays it very smoothly. Is there anything
>> else I could try?
> You could try VLC. ;-)
> Well, more seriously you could try dvd:// instead of dvdnav:// and use
> some cache (I use 4MiB). For a DVD containing several episodes you
> likely need to find out which titles to play. You can use the -identify
> option for this:
> mplayer -noconfig all -cache-min 0 -vo null -ao null -frames 0
> -really-quiet -identify dvd:// 2> /dev/null
> This prints, among other info, the titles found and their length in
> seconds. You then specify the title to play (say you want to play title 5):
> mplayer -cache 4096 -vo vdpau dvd://5
> Regards,
> Erik
With dvd:// and 4 MiB of cache the playback is smooth, but this is
hardly a friendly solution - menus are nice after all. Could dvdnav://
be fixed to work with caching?


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