[MPlayer-users] MPEGTS subtitles ; only second line is shown

Rene Dohmen acidjunk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:57:53 CEST 2012

> > I've one small problem: when I enable subtitles (by pressing "j"), I only
> > see the second line of each subtitle.
> That is a known problem. DVB subtitles can consist of multiple bitmaps.
> Currently MPlayer can only display the first (since there is only one
> vo_vobsub, the solution should be to just have multiple bmpsub[] and
> use those instead of the single vo_vobsub that was only ever meant for
> DVD subtitles - as far as I know all the code beyond like OSD can handle
> multiple subs just fine).

Is this caused by something in Mplayer or libavfilter? Mplayer2 has the
same issue, VLC plays it just fine and displays subtitles correct.

> > Weird things is that it only happens when playing HD content, SD show 2
> > subtitle lines.
> Probably they use different DVB subtitle encoders.

I just saw that in my tested SD channel the subtitle is provided hardcoded
in the stream. I can't turn it on/off...

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