[MPlayer-users] Framedrop problem with VDPAU DI

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Nov 9 21:20:43 CET 2011

Dom H <speedsix.lists <at> googlemail.com> writes:

> > Interesting that you try to deinterlace a (predominantly) progressive
> > sample...
> I wasn't aware it was most progressive, video isn't particularly
> smooth without the DI or is that just the frame doubling?

It should be smooth without deint, but since I only use a 85Hz screen I cannot
really judge.

> Silly question, how do I know if the video is interlaced,

You look at it (with frame-stepping if necessary). Note that the flags that a
DVB stream contains are usually misleading and I believe that even in DVDs the
flags are not always useful.

> is it a problem running the deint setting on progressive material?

People may disagree, but inventing "missing" parts of a frame (that is what
deinterlacing does) for a frame that is actually complete (nothing missing)
cannot work without damage imo.

> > Unfortunately, I cannot parse this.
> > It would be great if you could post mplayer output (without transport stream
> > debugging information but preferable with -noconfig all) here.
> How can I remove the transport info? The log was the result of using
> the -v option. Should I be using some other way of logging?

Just remove -v (I am sure there is an option to disable the mpegts-logging, but
my point was that I couldn't immediately see what your problem is - I suspect
frame drop and A/V desync at the same time).
(But output is really unneeded, see below. For future reports in case you still
want to use MPlayer, please remember that is absolutely necessary! Use -noconfig
all for reports, that saves us the need to parse your config file that you
posted instead.)


> > What is your monitor refresh rate?
> > (If it is 50Hz, deinterlacing with frame rate duplication will not work
> > correctly with current MPlayer, patches and a fork exist.)
> 50Hz yes

Then you cannot use deint=2/3 with current MPlayer for material >=25fps (it
simply does not work and this is not really audio-related, but audio also needs
resources and can therefore sometimes trigger the problem you see.). I believe
that 60Hz should work with deint=2 but otoh, your GPU is not very fast, this may
affect you as well, and 60Hz with deint=2 and 25fps source causes some -
unavoidable? - jitter afaik.

I have not tested it for a very long time, but if you succeed compiling mplayer2
with current (or a few weeks old) FFmpeg, it should crash significantly less or
not. (I expect the Ubuntu version of mplayer2 to be intentionally broken as
MPlayer but as said, I haven't tested.)

Carl Eugen

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