[MPlayer-users] rtp multicast bind() problem

jacopo mondi j.mondi at voltaelectronics.com
Thu Nov 3 17:45:51 CET 2011

Hi list,
     We are experiencing problems while trying to open the same rtp 
stream delivered in multicast with more than one mplayer instance.

The first mplayer instance launched works fine, while all the other 
instances fail to bind the socket (we have launched mplayer with strace 
to determinate that).
Bind fails because all the mplayer instances try to bind to the same 
multicast address and port, and only one instance is authorized to do that.
How can we solve this problem? Could eventually adding a setsockopt 
with  SO_REUSEADDR argument help in some way? Anyone has ever 
experienced similar problems and can suggest which file we have to edit 

Thanks in advance

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