[MPlayer-users] ssa/ass rendering uses lots of cpu with -vo gl

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Sun May 1 19:08:22 CEST 2011

Vladimir Mosgalin wrote:

> According to kernel, "radeon 2.8.0 20080528" drm is used, Mesa version
> is 7.9. Compared to other radeon card which had much less problem, this
> one uses "Gallium" driver - I don't know what difference it would make
> (though according to phoronix.com reviews, it can make difference on
> card/driver performance); though, even R600 and higher cards will be
> using Gallium soon (for example, in Fedora it'll happen starting with
> Fedora 15).

I don't know about 300g but on 600g gallium is way slower than classic 
for -vo gl - it's faster for games.

I've only tested without subs, but it's really quite slow in comparison, 
I have mentioned it in an existing bug about mplayer and -vo gl.

As I build drivers from mesa git it's easy for me to compare I can just 
choose per app using LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/path/to/mesa-git/mesa/lib 
mplayer -vo gl ....
for classic, you can do this without make install so you don't mess up 

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