[MPlayer-users] UDP -udp-slave video sync

Rob Canning rob at goto10.org
Wed Jun 8 23:49:48 CEST 2011

brief addendum to the reply inline below... sorry for noise..

the sync between the audio/video on the individual slaves seems to be 
erratic - sometimes i start it and its perfect and sometime its up to 
around 20 frames out of sync - once its rolling and in sync it remains 
in sync and does not drift - but the randomness of when it starts in 
sync and when it doesnt is whats stoping it being a solution atm

Rob Canning wrote:
> Reimar Döffinger wrote:
>> On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 02:40:57PM +0100, rob at goto10.org wrote:
>>> ok great thank you! - i applied the patch and now it works as
>>> expected
>> Unfortunately I couldn't see the patch. However the behaviour
>> was due to a stupid bug I introduced, and that happened because
>> with vsync enabled the video I tested actually did run at about
>> correct speed so the behaviour wasn't as bad as what you experienced.
>> Assuming it really works this time, the change in SVN should have
> is this a recent change in the SVN - should i update and recompile it ?
>> the advantage that the slave instances will start playing independently
>> after 30 seconds.
> does this mean after 30 seconds of being synced then the independent 
> playback will kick in and the audio/video sync lag will be able to 
> rectify itself?
>>> - the only thing i have noticed is that the audio and video
>>> go out of sync on the slave instance -  its as if the udp packets
>>> tell the video which frame it should be playing but the audio doesnt
>>> jump to keep up
>> Well, MPlayer never ever adjusts audio playback speed so it can't
>> keep sync in this case.
>>> (i know if i were doing a video wall then you could just use the
>>> audio from one source - but this is not what i am doing)
>> Might help to say what you are doing. You can certainly just
>> set up an audio server and transmit the audio to the slaves via
>> network, independent of the MPlayer slaves.
> ok so i have 8 computers each playing a 720HD mkv file with 5.1 sound 
> - each playback computer needs to have the video and 5.1 in sync and 
> each of the 8 computers also in sync - the material on each of the 
> playback computers is different but of equal duration - the udp master 
> slave thing seemed like it might be a solution but the lack of 
> absolute sync between the audio and video within each machine is a 
> problem
> any suggestions on how to make this happen would be most appreciated
> thanks
> rob
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