[MPlayer-users] Demuxer error - Mencoder on Archlinux

Sw@g sweetthdevil at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 19:25:44 CEST 2011

Dear all,

Since couple of kernel while using mencoder to record my logitech ultra 
Fusion webcam the command return an "demuxer" error even though I do not 
want to record any sound.

Please see command use to record the webcam:

|mencoder tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=800:height=600:fps=15:device=/dev/video0  -ovc x264 -nosound -o cam_`date +%F_%T`.avi

Please see terminal error:

MEncoder SVN-r33159-4.5.2 (C) 2000-2011 MPlayer Team

|162 audio&  359 video codecs
success: format: 9  data: 0x0 - 0x0
TV file format detected.
Selected driver: v4l2
  name: Video 4 Linux 2 input
  author: Martin Olschewski<olschewski at zpr.uni-koeln.de>
  comment: first try, more to come ;-)
v4l2: your device driver does not support VIDIOC_G_STD ioctl, VIDIOC_G_PARM was used instead.
Selected device: UVC Camera (046d:08c9)
  Capabilities:  video capture  streaming
  supported norms:
  inputs: 0 = Camera 1;
  Current input: 0
  Current format: YUYV
v4l2: ioctl set format failed: Input/output error
v4l2: ioctl set mute failed: Invalid argument
v4l2: 0 frames successfully processed, 0 frames dropped.
============ Sorry, this file format is not recognized/supported =============
=== If this file is an AVI, ASF or MPEG stream, please contact the author! ===
Cannot open demuxer.

Should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Looking forward for your reply,


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