[MPlayer-users] MPlayer patches for 70012 CrystalHD chip

Jerry Wang jerry.wang at beonic.com
Mon Jun 6 02:34:57 CEST 2011


We are pleased to publish the MPlayer patches for 70012 CrystalHD chip  
(70015 is not tested but hope to work). These patches apply on  

To setup the environment, following the Jarod Wilson’s git tree. Install  
the driver and library on you machine, or you can get all done manually as  

Check if 70012 exist and recognized by kernel:
#lspci | grep -i "14e4:1612"

Install the compiled driver module
#insmod driver/linux/crystalhd.ko

Create device for crystalhd if it does not exist
#mknod -m 666 /dev/crystalhd c 253 0

Copy the firmware to right place so they can be downloaded into firmware  
#cp firmware/fwbin/70012/*.bin /lib/firmware/

Copy the library files
#cp linux_lib/libcrystalhd/libcrystalhd.so* /lib/

We have two patchs:

The first one is designed for 24x7 playing with low latency between two  
movies. But unfortunately, it has memory leak problem. From observation,  
this patch will waste up to 15M memory per hour, it may depend on how long  
movies are.

The second one is good, no memory issue inside, but it will close/reopen  
crystalhd handler for every movie. This will incurs roughly 2 seconds  
delay at the begining of each movie. For home entertainment usage, we  
suggest you to use patch 2.

To play the HD movie continuously use playlist for mplayer:
$mplayer -loop 0 -playelist <file>

Or you can just play one movie:
$mplayer <file>

Download Link:

Jerry Wang

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