[MPlayer-users] OT maybe, Struggling to conactenate MP4 files

Nick Batt nick at sonicstate.com
Wed Jan 26 12:17:22 CET 2011

Hi, first of all - helloI'm trying to streamline a workflow and ad a top and
tail to my MP4 files.
However using MP4Box, which appears to be the only game in town, I get new
tracks added no matter what sort of switches I add to -add or -cat.
Result always appears to be both video and audio streams but on separate

Cant seem to figure out any way to acheive this. Both files are h264 25fps
640x360 AAC 48000 created from the same transcoding process.

I'm hoping to be able to automate this process, but fell at the first.

Running this on an EC2 instance Centos 5.X

Many thanks

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