[MPlayer-users] not aligned stack variables? (old gcc)

asyropoulos at aol.com asyropoulos at aol.com
Wed Jan 26 08:50:37 CET 2011

>Well it's not that easy to follow advice, because gcc >= 4.2 is hard to
>get (need to compile new mpc/binutils/gcc/etc from scratch, as people
>say that gcc4 from blastwave built for solaris 8 has problems when
>compiling ffmpeg/mplayer on solaris 10/11).

I have compiled gcc-4.5.2 successfully on an OpenSolaris box.
And it is not a big deal. If you want the binaries, please e-mail me
personally. Also, I have compiled both 32 and 64 bit versions of
mplayer/mencoder with this compiler and the resulting binaries
work as they should do in an other supported platform.


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