[MPlayer-users] Using the D510MO Mini-ITX platform for full HD playback

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Fri Jan 7 19:18:30 CET 2011

Am 07.01.2011 19:07, schrieb László Monda:
> Hi List,
> I've bought a D510MO Mini-ITX mainboard which has an integrated Atom
> D510 CPU running on 1.66GHz.  It has 2 threads per 2 cores.  After
> installing the latest and greatest Ubuntu on it I realized that it's
> not capable of full HD playback which I'm not surprised about given
> the modest performance of this system.
> My question is whether it's possible to play back full HD on this
> platform without any glitches when using a powerful graphics card that
> could accelerate the playback.  Also, I'm looking for a card that
> isn't power hungry since I'd like to keep the power consumption of the
> system low.
> Thanks in advance.

The only ways I know of to make an atom play HD are:

1. Recode the video to less than 10mBit

2. Buy a board with a nvidia ion chip

Probably a plug-in graphics card can work, but from my point of view 
that does not make much sense on a mini-itx board.


P.S.: There is a recent chip by VIA (VX900) that claims to be able to 
play 1080p at 30fps, but the drivers seem to be of the usual VIA-quality. 
The most recent linux driver is for Ubuntu 10.04, and I found no clue on 
how to use the marvelous video acceleration features...

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