[MPlayer-users] Using the D510MO Mini-ITX platform for full HD playback

László Monda laci at monda.hu
Fri Jan 7 19:07:28 CET 2011

Hi List,

I've bought a D510MO Mini-ITX mainboard which has an integrated Atom
D510 CPU running on 1.66GHz.  It has 2 threads per 2 cores.  After
installing the latest and greatest Ubuntu on it I realized that it's
not capable of full HD playback which I'm not surprised about given
the modest performance of this system.

My question is whether it's possible to play back full HD on this
platform without any glitches when using a powerful graphics card that
could accelerate the playback.  Also, I'm looking for a card that
isn't power hungry since I'd like to keep the power consumption of the
system low.

Thanks in advance.

László Monda <http://monda.hu>

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