[MPlayer-users] file played with -edl gets into infinite loop

Lobster lobo at lobs.sytes.net
Sat Feb 26 21:01:52 CET 2011

On 27/02/2011 2:06 a.m., Towncat wrote:
> I finally sorted this out -- someone might learn from my mistake, so I
> note this. I was trying to do a cut with -edl and mencoder so that
> last part of the film (from a certain point to the very end) would be
> dropped. I previously received advice on this forum that to designate
> the end of the film in the edl file I should use a number which is
> definitely much larger than the actual end, eg. 999999. Now the
> problem seems to have been that I used an insanely large number,
> something like 999999999, which might have caused an overflow or
> something so that the film would jump back to the beginning again and
> again. Using a reasonable number (in my case, 90000 seconds) instead
> of the exact end of the film I could solve the problem.
> So the edl file looks something like this:
> 300.00000 90000 0
> Cheers,
> tc

Couldn't you just use -endpos for doing that rather than an edl?

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