[MPlayer-users] Subversion revision 32895 has errors on Fedora 14 x86_64

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 01:12:12 CET 2011

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 11:42:44PM +0000, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> stan <RegBur_Flydan8 <at> q.com> writes:
> > I recently started having compile errors on the updates from subversion.
> > 
> > Whether I run ./configure or ./configure --enable-gui, I get the
> > following messages immediately after I start it.
> I definitely don't know why it fails for you (it works for me) and I have
> already been wrong once today, but could you confirm that you already tried:
> rm -Rf ffmpeg
> ./configure
> ?

Trying a manual git pull in the ffmpeg directory may be a good start
instead of raping the ffmpeg repository again :)


Clément B.

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