[MPlayer-users] wireless cam stops after 17 hours with mplayer

Charles Ross crjb1 at yahoo.com
Sun May 30 18:08:32 CEST 2010

Thanks for responding Reimar,

Cam 1 does not use mplayer, I just keep it running with no image 
capturing.  It never times out and is always accessible.  Cam 2 (the 
problem cam) uses mplayer in a script once a minute to grab images.  So I can still go to the linksys camera network page at and see the settings but I cannot view video either on this page or via mplayer.  

Is there a wget command to grab just one image and save it as a jpeg?  I
 know you can it can save a stream (.asf file) but I"m not sure about 
just one image.  If so, please let me know how to do that and I'll 

Next time cam 2 quits sending a stream, I'll check using wget to see 
what I find out.

The -nocache options gives me an error...

Cache size set to 0 KBytes

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable!

Stream not seekable! 

... endless loop...

In the meantime I'll try some of what you suggested.  


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On Sun, May 30, 2010 at 07:40:14AM -0700, Charles Ross wrote:
> I have two linksys wireless web cams.  Cam 1 just plays videos, cam 2 uses mplayer to take an image every minutes.  Cam 1 keeps playing, no problems.  Cam 2 keeps stopping after about 17 hours (~1050 images at 1 min intervals).  I have to think there is a network setting or mplayer issue.  Maybe someone on here can help me out.

Why do you think so?

> Also, here's below is the output I see after I try to stream the video.  I can still access the wireless camera, though I can't view the stream.

What does "access" mean? Can you still play the stream with any other program?
Can you access the stream with a simple wget?
What happens if instead of MPlayer you start a wget (either with a size limit or each time killing the old one)?
Is there maybe some MPlayer still around that blocks the device?
Tried MPlayer with -nocache?
Has the camera ever been tested under such conditions? Maybe its http server
has a memory leak, causing the device to crash after around 1000 accesses -
in particular if MPlayer does not close the HTTP connection the way it expects...

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This is over a year old, you should try a newer one.
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