[MPlayer-users] MPlayer-users Digest, Vol 69, Issue 35

Jayalakshmi jaya at innovatesolutions.net
Wed Sep 30 14:47:02 CEST 2009

hi Kiste

 I did not understood your solution. please tell me clearly how to do
that .

man mplayer
> [...]
>   -input <commands>
>          This option can be used to configure certain parts of the  input
>          system.  Paths are relative to ~/.mplayer/.
>          Available commands are:
> [...]
>             file=<filename>
>                  Read commands from the given file.  Mostly useful with a
>                  FIFO.
>                  NOTE:  When  the given file is a FIFO MPlayer opens both
>                  ends so you can do several ?echo "seek  10"  >  mp_pipe?
>                  and the pipe will stay valid.
> [...]
>   -slave (also see -input)
>          Switches  on slave mode, in which MPlayer works as a backend for
>          other programs.  Instead of intercepting keyboard events,
> MPlay&#8208;
>          er will read commands separated by a newline (\n) from stdin.
>          NOTE:  See  -input  cmdlist  for  a  list  of slave commands and
>          DOCS/tech/slave.txt for their description.  Also,  this  is  not
>          intended to disable other inputs, e.g. via the video window, use
>          some other method like -input nodefault-binds:conf=/dev/null for
>          that.

 I tried what you have told, but no response.

 I am using commands in my application program, like 

 system ("mplayer -slave -idle -quiet abc.wmv\n");


 but it is not taking taht command. It is showing error as ,
 pause command not found

 please give any solution.


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