[MPlayer-users] Optimize video output from tv card

Michael auslands-kv at gmx.de
Thu Sep 17 10:27:32 CEST 2009

Hello again

I have another question. I got everything running so far. It is looking 
great and CPU usage is below 40% for camera and video clips.

I have one strange effect, however:

I want to blend in a small logo using the bmov filter. It works great for 
the videos. CPU usage does not increase much at all. However, when I use the 
bmov filter with the external camera, CPU usage goes up to 100%. Strangely, 
this is totally independent of the logo, meaning I get the 100% CPU usage 
also when I use the bmov filter, but don't send the logo to the fifo at all. 
Just specifying the bmov filter increases CPU usage to 100%.

Does anybody have an idea, what this is due to?

Thanks and best regards from Switzerland


Krzysztof Duchnowski wrote:

> Michael pisze:
>> The only think I am still fighting with is the mplayer options. I want to
>> position the video playback at 100,50 on a 800x600 screen. The video
>> resolution should be 640x480. If the video is of a different size, I
>> would like to resize it while keeping the original aspect ratio.
>> Furthermore, if the resulting video is smaller than 640x480 it would be
>> great if black borders would be added automatically.
>> I've tried nearly a hundred combinations of options. None delivered this.
>> The one that came closest, was -screenw 640 -screenh 480 -fs . However,
>> in this case -geometry 100:50 does no longer work, so the video is always
>> on the topleft side.
>> More fancy stuff such as -geometry 100:50 -vf
>> dsize=640:480:0,expand=640x480 deliver not the expected result (mostly
>> bigger video screens).
>> Does anybody know, what options would be best to attain the result I
>> want?
> Read about "-slave" option. Then you could use another instance of
> mplayer with "-vo null -frames 1 -identify" to identify media and then
> send appropriate command to enslaved MPlayer.
> You could use BASH or Perl or Python to do that if you know any of them.

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